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The mission of the Institute for Medicaid Innovation is to improve the lives of Medicaid enrollees through the development, implementation, and diffusion of innovative and evidence-based models of care that promote quality, value, equity and the engagement of patients, families, and communities.

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For Medicaid to remain viable as a program it must innovate to what works, ultimately to share best practices that can change not only Medicaid health care delivery but in a larger sense change and improve health care for our nation. IMI will play an important role in that evolution.

- Robert Wergin, MD

Every patient and every person matters, but without innovative approaches to managing the health of vulnerable populations, including Medicaid enrollees, our nation will not achieve our potential for improved quality of life or health equity.

- Daniel Mullins, PhD

Medicaid touches many lives across the country; the foundation of our future rests in living life to the fullest in each of our unique ways. The scope of Medicaid should continue to grow in a way that will address the “whole” person – in the pursuit of increasing access, quality, and controlling costs.

- Erhardt Prietauer

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November 15, 2018

Subcommittee on Health of All Women in Medicaid

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Investing in the future of Medicaid is an investment in the overall health and stability of the nation.

- Jennifer E. Moore, PhD, RN