Best Practices

The Institute for Medicaid Innovation’s annual best practices compendium represents the most innovative initiatives in Medicaid managed care that address critical health and social issues.

Each year, health plans submit their best practices for consideration of inclusion in this exclusive publication. Through a rigorous process conducted by a panel of independent, national experts, the best practice submissions are reviewed and scored with the top initiatives selected for inclusion in the annual compendium.

The best practices in this year’s publication address important clinical topics including trauma-informed, evidence-based treatment for children, adult super-users with substance use issues that utilize mobile technology, and reducing hospital readmissions among individuals with multiple chronic conditions. As you will discover, many of the innovative projects connect clinicians, communities, families, and health plans together in addressing issues of access to high quality care. 

For each category (e.g., women’s health), a winner is selected by the review panel, highlighting the “best of the best” for that category. Additionally, an overall award is given to the most innovative best practice across all of the categories. The winners are designated in the compendium.

2017 Best Practices Submission Period: February 1 - April 10

Submit a Best Practice: 2017-2018 Best Practices Submission Form

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2016-2017 Best Practices Compendium

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