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Trends in Medicaid Managed Care—Results from 2018 MMCO Survey

Erin Smith, MS

October 29, 2018

IMI is excited to announce the results of the inaugural Medicaid Managed Care Organization (MCO) Survey. The 2018 Annual Medicaid MCO Survey is the first-of-its-kind national, longitudinal survey that captures data on critical elements of the Medicaid program, including high-risk care coordination, value-based payment, pharmacy, women’s health, behavioral health, child and adolescent health, and long-term supports and services. Respondents to the 2018 survey provided health care coverage to over 20 million Medicaid beneficiaries, representing 44.4% of all Medicaid managed care covered lives across 34 states.

The survey outlines a number of important trends in the Medicaid program. For example, results found that half of Medicaid MCOs are piloting population-specific value-based payment models. In addition, key challenges in behavioral and physical health integration were outlined, with CFR 42 limitations on the sharing of substance use disorder treatment as the primary policy barrier to integration. Trends in high-risk care coordination are also presented in the report. MCOs reported that the most popular core functions of high-risk care coordination are developing a plan of care for members, supporting adherence to the plan of care, engaging a care team of professionals to address the needs of the member, and conducting risk assessments.

Collection of this data will add to the knowledge base on key areas in Medicaid managed care, which will benefit a number of groups including Medicaid enrollees, states, taxpayers, and will encourage further innovation in the Medicaid program. The Medicaid MCO Survey will be distributed annually to Medicaid managed care health plans in order to capture trends and longitudinal data with a report released annually highlighting data from that year as well as trends in Medicaid managed care.

You can download the full report and review the results here.