Annual MMCO Survey

New! Medicaid Access & Coverage to Care in 2017: Results from the Institute for Medicaid Innovation’s 2018 Annual Medicaid Managed Care Survey

The Institute for Medicaid Innovation’s Data & Research Committee is currently developing and testing an annual Medicaid managed care questionnaire. The goal is to capture and report information and data on the Medicaid program that is not currently available through other sources.

The survey will be completed by Medicaid health plans and will be segmented into three sections: value-based care, care coordination and transitions of care, and pharmacy. A separate questionnaire for clinicians that provide care to Medicaid beneficiaries is also being developed and tested. It is estimated that the surveys will be officially launched in the late fall of 2017. A qualitative component that captures the experiences of Medicaid beneficiaries from their own perspective is also being developed.

Recognizing the challenges of obtaining timely, accurate Medicaid data, such as encounter data, the committee is exploring options for addressing this ongoing issue and assessing the feasibility of implementing various innovative solutions. 

If you would like to contribute to the dialogue of this important work, please contact Dr. Jennifer Moore at