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IMI Adds New Board Members, Ushering in New Chapter of Organizational Growth

August 12, 2021

IMI Adds New Board Members, Ushering in New Chapter of Organizational Growth

Washington, DC – This summer, the Institute for Medicaid Innovation (IMI) expanded their governing board and national advisory board to include the rich experience and perspectives of the organization’s stakeholders. These stakeholders span across the Medicaid arena including the managed care industry, clinical groups, patient advocacy organizations, and members of the community with experience utilizing Medicaid’s services. The new board composition aligns purposefully with the organization’s mission and goals and is thoughtfully situated to tackle its new strategic priorities.

“It is with great excitement that we welcome our new board members. Their expert guidance will be critical as we continue to lead the nation in Medicaid research and policy initiatives,” founding executive director Dr. Jennifer Moore shared.

Both boards prioritized the addition of community voices by appointing Anne Ekedahl (De Biasi), Denise Octavia Smith, Aza Nedhari, Carmen Green, and Shanita Edwards.

“I am thrilled that Anne, Aza, Carmen, Denise, and Shanita are joining the IMI national advisory board,” shared Nicole Truhe, chair of the IMI national advisory board. “Their knowledge and perspectives will be valuable to IMI’s work and their membership ensures that community voices are engaged in advancing our collective goal of ensuring Medicaid effectively addresses the needs of the individuals and families it serves.”

Dr. Moore added, “the voice of Medicaid enrollees and community members has always been a hallmark feature of IMI’s mission and initiatives. Expanding their presence on the boards reinforces the organization’s deep commitment to community and equity.”

IMI’s national advisory board also welcomed the chairs of IMI’s committees and subcommittees, bringing deep expertise from areas such as child and adolescent health, social determinants of health, women’s health, and behavioral health.

IMI’s board of directors and national advisory board are comprised of the following individuals:

Board of Directors

Judith Chamberlain, MD, FAAFP (Board Chair)

Catherine Anderson

Karen Dale, MSN, RN

Anne Ekedahl (De Biasi), MHA

Wendy Morriarty, MPH, RN

Aza Nedhari, MS, CPM

Nicole Truhe, MPA


National Advisory Board

Nicole Truhe, MPA (Board Chair)

Haleta Belai, MBA

Kimberly A. Bower, MD FAAHPM HMDC

Judith Chamberlain, MD, FAAFP

Nicholas DeGregorio, MD, FACP, MMM

Shanita “OABBY” Edwards, CD

Karen George, MD, MPH, FACOG

Ann Giazzoni, MSW, LCSW, MBA

Gail Graham

Carmen Green, MPH

Sandra G. Hassink, MD, MS, FAAP

Lexi McCausland, MBPC

Pooja Mittal, DO

Sayanti Saha, PhD, MBA

Eric C. Schneider, MD, MSc

Denise Octavia Smith, MBA, CHW, PN


Read each member’s full bio here.


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